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Never Lose Track of Your Valuables Again with the Mini GPS Magnetic Tracker!

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Now Most Precious And Priceless Things Can Be Kept Under Provision

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Locate Your Kids, Car

Can’t find your Kids Or Car? Don’t worry, take out your phone and find its location sent by the GPS tracker to the map on your phone

Record sound and alarm theft 

This mini device is equipped with a smart car sensor and recorder which can capture surrounding sound and when the sound is over 60 decibels, it will immediately call you and send these sounds to your phone. Thus, you can prevent car theft in time!

Track Your Husband

None, nothing lost

You can put this device on the car or give it to your kids or old grandpa, you set a safe area on the map and when the device gets out of this area, your mobile phone will receive an alarm reminder.

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Record track as an evidence

The auto-save track records can be clarified and understood with just a glance so you can always show the track history as evidence when needed.

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A high-performance tracking device which is specially designed for keeping tabs on your loved ones, pets, vehicles, assets, and so on. It uses an advanced satellite navigation that successfully determines movement, location, and distance.

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