“Breathe Easy, Nebulize for a Healthier Tomorrow!”


  • This nebulizer machine has a faster nebulization speed, and the mist produced is fine and uniform (particle size ≤ 4μm). Provide reliable and efficient atomization treatment to help solve various respiratory problems.


  • High-efficiency nebulizer machine for adults and kids, the solution can be completely decomposed through the equipment. The residual amount after use is less than 0.1ml, which saves the use cost.


  • The nebulizer machine for adults and kids adjusts the nebulization rate of the two modes to perfection. Adult mode: nebulization 0.25 ml/min, child mode: nebulization 0.15 ml/min. The mist is delicate and gentle and can be absorbed better.


  • The overall design of the portable nebulizer is small and light, so even children can easily hold it. It can be placed in small spaces such as handbags and backpacks, or even in a pocket, which is very suitable for traveling or going out.


  • 1. Press the button on the back of the nebulizer and remove the liquid cup. 2. Fill the liquid cup with tap water (do not exceed the maximum scale), reinstall it, and fix it. 3. After starting the machine to clear the blockage, it can work normally.

Package includes:

1x Portable Nebulizer Kit For Kids And Adults With Complete Accessories.