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  • The Hollywood style vanity mirror light, Tri-Color Makeup Mirror LED Light is with advanced design, more beautiful and more convenient to use.
  • This string of LED bulb vanity mirror light can be pasted and mounted on the surface of mirror glass, wood, silicone, and metal. According to your own unique design DIY, install on the dressing table, or use it for decoration purposes.
  • Dimmable bright light, press the dimmer switch to adjust the brightness for your need at any time.
  • Standard USB power supply, safe and universal. Connect USB cable in a variety of ways, such as a mobile phone charger, laptop, power, socket, etc.
  • Simple, stylish, and high-end. Works best for putting eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, contact lens, grooming, or even shaving, etc, help you create perfect makeup and look.
  • Soft and not dazzling, high luminous efficiency, energy-saving, and long service life. No heat radiation, no flicker, no spots, eye protection, professional lighting for makeup.
  • Instant installing, no need to drill holes, directly stick it on the mirror, mirror frame, or wall in a few minutes with strong adhesive stickers.
  • Three kinds of color temperature can be adjusted, warm white, natural daylight white, and cold white.
  • Concealable wiring, simple and neat. All transparent lines, beautiful and stylish.
  • This vanity mirror light has a memory function that records the last light mode you used.
  • The maximum distance between the two bulbs is about 33 cm, which makes it suitable for most mirrors. Adjust the line length, the minimum distance between the two bulbs can be reduced to about 1.7 cm.
  • Extra wires are hidden in the bulb and cannot be seen from the outside. Keep your mirror clean, beautiful, and elegant.


1 x 10 Vanity Mirror Lights Tri-Color Makeup Mirror LED Lights
1 x 10 Stickers
1 x English User Manual

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