Silicone Flex Toilet Brush And Holder


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Silicone Toilet Brush And Holder Now Sale In Pakistan

This Silicone Toilet Brush And Holder are made up of high-quality material and a silicone brush head. With a flexible brush head that can be bent easily. This toilet brush can help you clean more, moreover, letting no dirt to attach on the bristles and thus ensures a germ-free zone. Silicone head that reaches all areas, even under the rim. Furthermore, the holder channels water vapor away through the upper and lower ends, which makes it easier to keep the base clean. Additionally long handles make cleaning easier and reduce the usage of time. Comfortable, non-slip handle design, packed with a stable and breathable mounting base with a clever ventilation design.
The water-repellent material allows liquid to drain quickly dripping less between cleaning and storing. The simple and beautiful design is tailored to your bathroom which helps to improve your cleaning experience. Certainly! Great accessory for households from
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