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Product details of Scarlett 7 Speed Portable Baking Hand Mixer: Charm, beauty and food attracts potential suitors like fruit flies to over-ripe bananas. Featuring detachable beaters and an ergonomic handle, whip up easily endless batches of sinful confectioneries and watch that special someone’s heart soften like butter at room temperature. Specification & Features: Voltage:230-240V ~ 50/60Hz Size: 18 cm x 11cm x 7cm Weight: 1 kg 7 adjustable speed selections 1 pair of chrome beaters Speed position instruction: 1-2 level: Suitable for mixing dry food powder, eg: wheat powder, beef tallow, potato 3-4 level: Suitable for liquid material, eg: salad sauce 5 level: To mix paste for cookie, cake, etc. 6 Level: To mix butter, beef tallow, sugar for making candy, desserts, etc. 7 Level: To mix egg and sugar frost or potato. #kitchenware #scarett #superhandmixer #handmixer #kitchen #kitchentools #mommytools #cheftools
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