Hydrating And Rejuvenating Moisturizing And Brightening Solution Serum


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Name: Moisturizing Liquid
Capacity: 2ml*7
Weight: 83g
Product size: 15*10*3cm
Product function: facial moisturizing
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place

Package Included:
7 * Ampoule essence

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1. It can quickly make better transdermal absorption of nutrients, promote absorption and penetration, and keep the skin in good condition.

2. For the repaired skin, replenish water and nourish to make the skin smooth and bright.

3. Mask wet compress can relieve skin tightness, dry itching, and keep the skin in a moist state for a long time, in dense hydration, promote absorption and other aspects.

4. Hyaluronic acid ampoule essence, safe in composition, suitable for everyone.

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