Cordless Juicer Blender 1.6Ltr


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1. Must be charged before first use

2. Please charge before use after long-term storage

Reminder: Please read the manual carefully before use, especially the operation precautions, please make sure the machine cover is closed before starting, and be sure to cut off the power before handling the blade carefully

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1.6L 8-blade Portable Juicer Fruit Juice Cup Household Multifunctional Blender Juicer Wireless Electric Juicer

Additional function: Mixing, making, and squeezing milk shakes, portable

Origin: Chinese Mainland

Applicable number of people: 1 person (inclusive) -2 people (inclusive)

Color classification: Blue / Pink

Body material: Tritan Voltage: 3.7V

Power: 80W Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Product material: ABS+PP+PC

Charging method: USB charging

Capacity: 1.6L W

Package details: Juice cup * 1+Instructions * 1+Straw * 1+USB cable * 1

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